Graphic Design

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Dublin Madrid 
Barcelona Warsaw
Galicia Sicily
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About the internship:

AIE-Ireland is offering Graphic Design internship in its own graphic design department or our partner companies. You can apply if you are studying or already finished studies. Your daily internship activities will include

  • Access our e-learning platform an effective online education platform that offers graphic design material, case studies, tests, video tutorials, ebooks. 
  • Logo design, help the design team generate creative and original ideas.
  • Understand the colors, shapes, structures and the importance of each to achieve a design that generates emotions.
  • Draw clearly and precisely using different techniques
  • Advertisement, launching ads, it is essential that they are consistent with the logo image, propose compositions.
  • Web page, although the graphic designer does not have to have a relationship with the web developer, they are compatible occupations, therefore he will collaborate with the web development team
  • Transform graphic, editorial, audiovisual and advertising knowledge into creative designs that capture the attention of those who see them.
  • Express themselves correctly and fluently orally and in writing
  • Develop business and Marketing skills
  • Help in supporting the image design of brands and corporate identities, make traditional and digital illustrations, develop interactive design projects, create audiovisual material such as videos, animations and visual shorts with movement known as motion graphics and carry out advertising design. in containers known as (Packaging), among many other tasks.
  • Make use of photographs, computer-aided design (CAD) tools, and various programs to create aesthetically pleasing images and graphics:
  • Prepare sketches and present plans for graphic and printed materials, as well as the elements and themes to be represented, using conventional tools and multimedia software (image processors and design programs).
  • Get in touch with clients to identify their neds, preferences and understand their aspirations regarding design elements
  • Create inspiration boards (mood boards), visual compositions, models, etc.
  • Determine which digital medium is the most appropriate for the production of the desired visual effect, as well as the best means of communication.
  • Identify graphic elements and color concepts that satisfy the client’s objectives
  • Present customers samples of designs.
  • Communicate with customers to fine-tune details and make necessary changes.
  • Keep clients informed about the project process.
  • Present the final product to the customer.
  • Employ Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to create images, layouts, and graphics.
  • Communicate with clients to find out their needs.
  • Set delivery dates to complete the project.
  • Execute projects according to the established costs and dates.
  • Use image banks.
  • Meet with clients to ensure that the overall graphic concept (graphic elements in conjunction with the communication material) meets their needs.
  • To attend professional meetings when necessary
  • You will be invited to attend social meetings with other international trainees.
  • The working language is English (Spanish is also available) During the internship you will be mentored by a business manager.

*Keep in mind that this internship doesn’t require any years of experience, hence offers no financial compensation.

What’s included in the program?

  • A fast admission process.
  • You can choose when to start and finish the period of your internship.
  • All documentation related to the Erasmus+ programme.
  • A recommendation letter.
  • Flexibility during the internship.
  • Any other educational agreement.
  • Advice for finding accommodation.