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Dublin Madrid 
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Presential Online

About the internship:

AIE Ireland is offering SEO internship in its own IT department or our partner companies. You can apply if you are studying or already finished studies. Your daily internship activities will include

  • Access our e-learning platform an effective online education platform that offers SEO material, case studies, tests, video tutorials, ebooks. 
  • Detection and resolution of errors, such as the existence of pages that return 404 codes, broken links internally and externally, or content indexing problems in Google.
  • Analysis of the traffic received on the web and analysis of its evolution. Check Google Analytics, Search Console and monitoring tools such as Sistrix or SemRush to see how the volume of traffic that we take to the web progresses, in addition to the evolution of the keywords by which we are positioned.
  • Analysis of sales or online conversions, in order to check if we meet the objectives set. At this point it is interesting to analyze where the web traffic comes from, whether it is the home page, the service landing pages, the product sheets or the blog posts, and analyze this data in parallel with the conversion rate. We must check if the traffic captured is of quality and meets the business objective.
  • Detect new opportunities in terms of keywords. Although we have initially carried out a study of keywords, it is essential to be vigilant in detecting new opportunities for the business or changes in search trends in the sector.
  • Content creation and optimization. It involves optimizing the landing copy at the SEO level, the metatag, the heading, the images …
    Implement actions to optimize web loading speeds.
  • Improvement and study of content indexing so that Google shows our content in search results.
  • Improved web usability, so that the largest number of users who access the web can complete the objective we want.
  • Link building actions, creation of external web links to increase the web authority of our site and analysis of new links to detect those of low quality that are harming our website.
  • Take care of the internal link pattern of the web, to transfer authority to the pages that interest us the most.
    Detect and eliminate duplicate content on the web.
  • Check that all the actions implemented on the web have been carried out correctly.
  • Be aware of the latest developments in the sector and changes in Google’s algorithm.
  • To attend professional meetings when necessary
  • You will be invited to attend social meetings with other international trainees.
  • The working language is English (Spanish is also available) During the internship you will be mentored by a business manager.

*Keep in mind that this internship doesn’t require any years of experience, hence offers no financial compensation.

What’s included in the program?

  • A fast admission process.
  • You can choose when to start and finish the period of your internship.
  • All documentation related to the Erasmus+ programme.
  • A recommendation letter.
  • Flexibility during the internship.
  • Any other educational agreement.
  • Advice for finding accommodation.