Translation & Interpretation

Available cities:

Dublin Madrid 
Barcelona Warsaw
Galicia Sicily
Bucharest Milan 



Presential Online

About the internship:

AIE Ireland is offering Traslation & Interpretation internship in its own management department or our partner companies. You can apply if you are studying or already finished studies. Your daily internship activities will include

  • Access our e-learning platform an effective online education platform that offers Traslator material, case studies, test, video tutorials, ebook of Traslator. 
  • Professionally analyze, create and review all types of texts and determine values in parameters of linguistic variation and textual function.
  • Being able to analyze and synthesize all kinds of texts and discourses in the working languages.
  • Analyze textual functions, agents and relevant factors in the translation and interpretation process.
  • Being able to establish all kinds of hypotheses of correspondence of various textual and discursive levels.
  • Know the tools for assisted translation and localization.
  • Know the basic tools of interpretation.
  • Know the techniques and professional computing tools.
  • Know the current translation trends and other interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Know the historical background of the discipline.
  • Know the linguistic coding and decoding processes associated with the translation and interpretation processes.
  • Know the agents and factors of the translation processes.
  • Know how to apply the economic, professional and market aspects of translation and interpretation.
  • Be able to apply the professional computer tools of translation and interpretation.
  • Know how to apply editing techniques, layout and textual revision.
  • Organize work and manage and coordinate translation and interpretation projects.
  • Being able to apply theoretical knowledge to practice.
  • Being able to design translation and interpretation projects.
  • Be able to apply translation and interpretation skills.
  • Being able to apply quality standards in professional practice.
  • Apply computer-assisted translation tools.
  • Apply knowledge about searching for information and documentation.
  • Create and manage terminology databases.
  • Know how to apply specialized and professional metalanguage.
  • Being able to use memory effectively in the short, medium and long term.
  • Be able to effectively apply bonding and note taking techniques.
  • Know and use the concepts and discourses of specific areas of the profession
  • To attend professional meetings when necessary
  • You will be invited to attend social meetings with other international trainees.
  • The working language is English (Spanish is also available) During the internship you will be mentored by a business manager.

*Keep in mind that this internship doesn’t require any years of experience, hence offers no financial compensation.

What’s included in the program?

  • A fast admission process.
  • You can choose when to start and finish the period of your internship.
  • All documentation related to the Erasmus+ programme.
  • A recommendation letter.
  • Flexibility during the internship.
  • Any other educational agreement.
  • Advice for finding accommodation.