The day before yesterday, in the first game of the series, Unix was stronger than the hosts 62-71.
This victory was not accidental, but deserved.The guests completely outplayed the hosts under the shield won the rebound by 12 rebounds.And Kazan played more team basketball, as evidenced by the number of passes, the hosts had 7, the guests had 15.
The game was not very productive with an abundance of struggle and tight guardianship of leaders.In which the guests were better.
Lokomotiv’s failure is due to the fact that at the start of the game, Kevin Jones, the top scorer and the Krasnodar club picker, left the pitch already at the 2nd minute.Doctors diagnosed a tailbone fracture.We will not see him on the site today.And this is a pivotal player in Obradovic’s schemes, whose team focused on domination in paint in their games.What Obradovic will do now is unknown.Possibly focus on perimeter attacks.For this tactic, the return of Jenning, who missed the last game, will come in handy.But a change in tactical pattern, and even in the Playoff series does not bode well, but in a game with such an experienced club.
Locomotive remained the defining player – Jones.The opponent is experienced and strong.The handicap on guests is very tempting.Checking.
Vuyukas main center.Scored 9 points in 1 game.But the day before yesterday he attacked all 2 out of 11 shots disgustingly, which is 18%.With Jones’ injury the main load and time.I don’t think Ian will quit as badly today.All factors for the fact that he will be more effective today than in 1 game.

Ordinary: Win

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