I would like to share my experience in Dublin as an internship student. but, before that, I will introduce myself quickly, I am from Spain, I studied for a bachelor degree in Marketing and Market Research in Spain but I did my final year in Ireland. I had a great time in Ireland so I  decided to come back to the city for an internship. 

This article, we will focus on relevant topics such as How I found a company to work for, where I found accommodation in Dublin and what subjects I am learning in my internship.

How did I find an Internship in Ireland?

Searching for a job or in this case for an internship is never a simple thing to do, especially nowadays due to the current situation of covid-19, but one of the easiest/safest way to move to Dublin from your home country, and have the guarantee that as soon as you land in Ireland you will have a full-time internship is by joining AIE Ireland’s team. The company will help you with the administration process before moving to Ireland in order to make sure everything goes well. Once you arrive in Ireland, they will find the company that is matching to the work field you’re up to specialize in. The rest is just working and learning as much as you can!

How did I find accommodation in Dublin?


To find accommodation in Dublin is easier than many people think. In my case, I did check-in for 14 days (short term) in student accommodation. In the meantime, I was surfing on Facebook  where you can find easily a place to stay. So, I PM on Facebook  two different rooms. As a result, I had two different viewings. The next day I went to the possible place I could live for the next months. So, luckily, I really liked the second place I visited that day and they liked me too. they were “interviewing” more people but in the end, I got vacant.

Am I learning in my internship?

Of course, I am learning. I would say I am learning more I was expecting since the beginning. I am doing an internship in Digital Marketing and the web designer. According to web designer, I am getting really used to word press as I used day by day. Besides that, I am learning other subjects such as Search engine optimization (SEO) or a large number of WordPress’ plugins.

Regarding Digital Marketing, I’m working on content Marketing, Google analytic, and creator marketing for an Irish company.

To conclude,  I highly recommend all of you to join me on this new adventure as it will contribute you a huge experience for your life as well as international working experience