The manager with whom I communicate is qualified enough and solves all the problems fastly. I am satisfied with such a responsible approach from the broker side. Forex regulation is therefore all about consumer protection. Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits. Access to the MQL5 community, market, signals, forum where traders can acquire knowledge, etc. Gives direct access to the MetaTrader market where apps, signals, EAs, indicators and other platform tools can be bought or acquired for free.

An account that lets you trade with no commissions on the world’s most popular trading platform sounds pretty good, right? It does and it is, especially when you take the low spreads that can be fixed into consideration. I’ve come across forums where former FxPro users talk about how the company uses this power to present bad prices to traders in order to make a profit for itself. This is a fair concern since FxPro technically has the ability to abuse its system for short-term profit.

Metatrader 5

They did not approve my withdrawal request for some reason I don’t understand. Very bad experience, have lost so much money. I am so much pissed off with their slow withdrawal process. They let me wait too long even if I am only to withdraw a minimal profit I got. They have very incompetent customer service. Can not assist me with my trading needs.

I work on ctrader – it is a highly innovative trading platform, with fast order execution and very convenient user interface. Established in 2006 and with an outstanding track record of profitable growth, FxPro’s core business is acting as the primary source in FX trading for their global clients. Withdrawals fees – FxPro also scores top points for their withdrawal policy. FxPro does not charge any additional fees for withdrawals .

Before I started trading I first deposited money and withdrew it the next day. Then I increased the deposit and did the same i.e. withdrew it. At this stage I am happy and have a small positive balance. I have read your reviews that are quite impressive. I want to know that there is a trading manager for trade available?

However, in most cases, customers have to face various problems on their way to withdraw their money from FxPro accounts. Often, customers of the “kitchen” complain that they are satisfied with endless additional identity checks, the withdrawal procedure is stretched over a long period of time. It happens that a trader is faced with aggressive persuasion by the company’s employees not to withdraw capital, but to invest it in a new deal. Or, for example, many people are familiar with the situation when the broker reports that the money has been sent to a bank, but they do not reach the recipient.

User Reviews

There is deposit insurance and protection against negative balance. You need to contact the broker’s customer support rep. Since it is known that a large number of traders coinjar review support algorithmic trading, robots trading is allowed here, both on Metatrader and cTrader. A broker is more than adequate, it does not put sticks in the wheels.

Another victim writes that the scammers from Fh For some reason didn’t pay him money. The client supposes that he has money is in English banks, but it seems to us that the money is in glass jars at FxPro, because they work ONLY TO DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY !!! And they will steal and won’t even blink an eye – this thought is absolutely true, there are a lot of such examples above. Then goes remarkable feedback from FxPro CEO, who accused the client being guilty in the disappearance of his money.

  • FxPro offers an impressive range of trading platforms which include MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader and its own FxPro Trading Platform.
  • FxPro is a web-based platform that traders can customize to fit their needs.
  • With the cTrader account, you can trade with spreads as low as 0.3 point average.
  • The broker has several trading accounts, each of which has its own set of perks and advantages for traders of different levels and needs.
  • By the way the broker takes part in many charitable actions, at least it certainly shows that the broker is not bankrupt.
  • The client of FxPro received the notification about the closure of the requisites of WebMoney, and in order to withdraw money, he should send them a copy of his passport.

So far the best forex broker in my practice. Of course it’s not perfect and they have to grow. But I feel safe as I withdraw all the profits without delays and they don’t trade against me. Whilst most of our data has been verified directly from these brokers, it can occasionally vary. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated information within our online trading broker reviews and you should confirm all data directly with the broker. Rates, terms, products and services on third-party websites are subject to change without notice.

How Do People React To The Paid Reviews About Fxpro Broker?

And ask him to continue the series of his funny stories. The company will deny receiving a complaint from a client. And it is impossible to prove that the complaint reached the office of CySec. And if CySec answers, then the complaint is briefly accepted, and the trader is unlikely to ever know the result.

FxPro is one of the most preferred online brokers due to its diverse investment portfolio offering including forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, indices, futures, shares and energies. The way the sum of positions could be explained merely through the next example; if a trader has 400 lots buy and 300 lots sell. It would be necessary to take the side with the most significant volume to calculate the required margin.

I would stick with an MT5 account, but spreads are higher with that platform. Yes, moreover, FxPro is a multi-regulated broker. That means it has different regulators in different jurisdictions. And this increases the level of client protection. So you can safely make a deposit and trade according to your strategy. Although, of course, just like other traders, I was working on the demo for a long time, making many mistakes and not always coping with this stress, which was always haunting me here.

This account base currency selection is average compared with similar brokers; its downside is that only a few minor currencies are accepted. Answer questions about your trading experience and financial knowledge. When you place a market order, it will be executed at the current available market price, which is a volume-weighted average price of third party liquidity providers.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For Fxpro Account?

Another trader writes that he also failed to pass verification with FxPro, but after he studied the negative reviews about this broker he did not regret it. FxPro broker charges a huge commission for money transfers and transactions on their website, such policy complicates the trader’s work with the platform and drains his money. FxPro specifically provides inaccurate analytics for traders – another trader writes. For this reason, he lost 6,000 dollars.

Make use of this advanced trading technology with prices that are quite competitive. The execution of orders on this platform is fast and you mustn’t seek any assistance How to Start Investing in Stocks due to delays. Click on the platform you’ve chosen to open the demo account with then follow this by filling the registration form that appears on your screen.

I Learned To Trade Forex With Fxpro

On average, the number of requites ranges from 1% to 20% of the total number of orders. There are practically none of them in a calm market; there are more than enough of them on the news. That depends on the platform you use. As far as I remember, the FxPro proprietary terminal does not support auto-trading at all. MT4/5 have a large choice of EAs to buy and install as plug-ins. The power of cTrader is in its automation section as you can use the simple c# programming language to create your own algorithms, and backtest them.

The speed of execution is similar to most brokers, but don’t care about it. I opened a Metatrader 4 with this broker. To be exact, it’s a market execution account with fixed spreads on major currency pairs. Such spreads are a good solution for those who like to trade on news. You know floating spreads are prone to behaving wildly during news releases because it’s high volatility.

When I discovered this broker and made a decision to join it, I thought I would continue trading on Metatrader 5 because I needed the depth of the market feauture. Then I occasionally learned about cTrader, its depth of the market feature that was reportedly better than that one used in Metatrader 5. It made me test cTrader and I saw that the feature I needed was made better in cTrader… more intuitive if you ask me to picture it shortly. FxPro supports six different payment methods.

You will notice that the trading is identical. If you want to trade with minimal spreads or commissions, you are looking for a specific broker with Forex news such parameters. I opened a cTrader account with this broker. I use it solely for scalping because this account comes with very low spreads.

‘Quotix’ is FxPro’s proprietary aggregator that collates prices from over 12 liquidity providers. The trading servers are located at the Equinix Data centres in either LD5 London or Amsterdam. This is in close proximity with Tier 1 velocity trade banks that provide liquidity. The result is deep liquidity and execution speeds calculated at approximately 11.06 milliseconds. I maintained a trading account with FXPRO UK with small capital. I liked their execution, t’was fast.

In addition, FxPro introduces dedicated managers to VIP account owners. In my mind, fxpro is a completely reliable broker. For the time that I work with them, I have never noticed any intervention in my trading and manipulations with the account. If you do everything within the regulations, you won’t have any problems and you can earn and withdraw your profit without questions and delays. The broker is great, good services stable platform and the spreads are really tight.

So demo account, educational materials etc. And through the pain and mistakes i grew up to an experienced broker. So i can say it is a good broker even for novice.

There are no restrictions on trading strategies, EA’s and scalping. In addition, they offer very good free demo accounts for the beginner. Deposit and commissions are reasonable and competitive.

I trust this person and my further trading with this company showed that my choice was right. Opened an account about a month ago and everything looks great. I am not a professional trader, I am gambling in forex just because it is a hobby like poker. I also installed their app on my iPhone, very simple to use. Also, I want to note their web seminars and educational materials. They are far better than other brokers I’ve used before.

The opinion of traders on the availability of such licenses is not flattering. Next, we look at the corresponding section, which appeared not long time ago, as well as with other official documents. Open it and you will see the English version only. For the Russian-speaking client, this broker does not have any translated document.